Getting Ready for Cider

We planted our apple trees two years ago. This year we have one apple! That’s not enough for cider.

We know the two trees we planted will have plenty of apples, but it will be a few more years before we have a good crop of our own.

We are always grateful for others who have apples to share. We got to pick apples from 3 places this year. They have apples, but they have more apples than they can use. One family didn’t want any of the apples from their apple tree.

Look at all those lovely apples! Thank you to our neighbors who let us come pick as many as we wanted. We’ll make sure they get some cider to say thanks.

We gather as many types of apples as we can. Different apples mixed together make the best tasting cider.

I’m not very tall so my family always helps. Sometimes we have friends that come help pick apples, too. We are always grateful for the help we get.

Lots of ladders, and lots of buckets!

We’ve gathered lots of apples. Half of these will be made into cider when our friends and family come on Saturday. The other half will be pressed on Monday when we invited our 2nd grade friends from Harvest Elementary school to come.

It looks like a lot of apples. But it takes a lot of apples to make one gallon of cider! We get about 1 1/2 to 2 gallons of cider for each bushel of apples. Each of the buckets is about 1/2 bushel. I hope the children from school bring apples to share! They usually do, which is wonderful because that means everyone will have a nice cup full of cider to try.

Update on the Chicks

The Easter Egger chicks are growing up, too! They are almost ready to go into the coop with the older chickens.

I love their eyes! They are so pretty!

Bramble and Bert

Bert and Bramble are very good friends. Its funny to think a big lamb with big horns needs to follow his little buddy around everywhere.

They get to graze on the grass in the back yard once in a while. Tim and Matt like to throw the ball for the dogs out in the pasture. That scares the lambs so they get to come into the backyard where they feel safer until the dogs are done running around.

It’s a short post today because I still have work to do getting ready for Cider Days!

My barnyard will probably never look like Thanksgiving Point, but I like to tidy it up a bit before we have visitors. I’ll be cleaning up the chicken pen, and spreading wood chips in muddy spots today!

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