Glimmers on the Farm

What do you hate about your farm?

There really isn’t anything that I hate about my farm. Oh, there are things I would like to fix or improve.

We are working on turning a dirt patch into more pasture for the animals to munch on. We had to move some fencing to keep the sheep, goats, cows, and chickens out and let the grass grow.

We need to put up a little bit more fencing to keep the chickens in the back pasture so they don’t dig through the garden. I cover all my plants with netting so the chickens won’t dig up the seeds.

Our lawn isn’t flat. I don’t like that at all! I wish we could dig it all up and make the grass not have any low spots and high spots.

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We just planted raspberries, boysenberries, strawberries, blackberries, and asparagus in the garden this spring because we didn’t have berries growing. That wasn’t something I hated, but it was something I thought was missing from our farm.

What is your favorite thing to do on the farm?

Some of the things I like to do on the farm are taking care of bummer lambs when I have them. I like to gather vegetables and fruits when they are ripe. I don’t always like the weeding and watering that come before harvesting.

I like to walk out to the barn. Sometimes I like to be away from people and just hang out with the goats, the chickens, the sheep, and the cows.

It may sound like a silly thing, I like sweeping out the barn and seeing the center aisle all clean.

I like filling the feeders for the animals. It helps me remember that we have enough food for our family, and all our animals.

I like milking the goats and the cow. It’s fun to see all the creamy, white milk filling the bucket and the tank.

I like hugging my cows.

Looking for Glimmers

I think my favorite thing to do on the farm is to look for ‘glimmers.’

It’s easy to look for things that are wrong, things that aren’t going the way I planned, and things that are broken. Sometimes I think that everyone else has a beautiful life that is running smoothly with no problems. But that just isn’t true. Everyone has things that aren’t perfect in their life.

My friend Shannon taught me about looking for ‘glimmers’ instead of things that are wrong or things that make me angry. Glimmers are tiny moments that help me know that there is something wonderful about life even on my hardest days.

Glimmers aren’t something you do, they are things that you notice with one of your five senses that bring a little bit of happiness.

Glimmers are little things that you can see, or touch, or hear, or smell that help you feel happy or calm.

I love looking at the new plants growing in the garden.

This is one of the tomato plants I grew from seeds.

I like looking at the the flowers blooming in my yard and my neighbors yards.

I love looking at the mountains every time I walk out to the barn.

I love looking at the sky. It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy or rainy or bright blue with the sun shinning.

I love listening to see if I can hear the birds singing somewhere close by.

I love looking for the lambs and goat kids. I love watching them play and graze on the pasture.

I like the smell of the grass after it’s cut.

I like to look for glimmers every day whether things are going well or not. Glimmers add up just like saving money for something special. When I look for them every day it’s as if they are tucked away inside me and when I’m having a rough day, it doesn’t seem as bad as if I haven’t been ‘saving glimmers’.

When things aren’t going the way I think they should, I like to head out to the barn and take care of the animals, or sweep the barn, or work in the garden a little bit. I like to look for glimmers because they give me a little break from the things that aren’t going the way I hoped.

Other Places to Look for Glimmers

What kinds of things could you look for to lift your sadness a little or give you a break from things that are hard?

Do you have a cat you like to pet, or a dog? Some children have other small pets that they love to hold and hug.

Sometimes glimmers are tricky to find, like looking for hidden objects in pictures.

Do you like to go outside and smell the fresh air?

Do you like to look for dew drops on the leaves in the morning?

Did you notice someone smile at you?

Do you hear the birds chirping as you walk to a friend’s house to play?

Eurasian Tree Sparrow on Tree, Eurasian Tree Sparrow has a dark brown color on the head and back of the neck. White cheeks have black spots on each cheek.

I hope that as you go through the summer you’ll look for glimmers that make you smile. I hope you draw a picture of your glimmers or write them down so when you need a little lift on a sad day, you can find something in your ‘glimmer stash’ to remind you that things will get better.

Adults can find more information about glimmers here.

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