Goats Love Macaroni!

One of my goat’s favorite treats is old noodles. Sometimes my friends bring me old pasta noodles that they don’t want to eat. 

I love hearing River crunch the noodles. I think it’s so funny!

Do you have a cat or dog that likes to eat hard noodles? Your teacher does! 

River has sore hooves all the time. We’re not sure how she foundered, but she did. I give her some aspirin every day. She loves taking it. I think she knows that her hooves feel a little better after she eats it.

Sometimes it’s hard to give animals their medicine. Sometimes it tastes horrible! I’m so glad that River likes aspirin because she has to take some every day.

*     *     *     *     *

Yes, I like having chickens!
I love watching them run around in the field. I think they are funny when they run.
I also like that they scratch up bugs and eat them all summer long.

Chickens usually eat chicken food.
We feed our chickens higher protein in the winter.
It helps them keep warmer in the cold winter months.

We feed them pellets because it doesn’t go to waste.
Some chicken food looks like cornmeal. It’s good for the chickens, too.
My chickens scratch and push it out of the feeder. That wastes the food, and the mice love it!
I’d rather not have too many mice in the barnyard.

About once a week I give them the same food that the cows and the goats get.
I add some calcium so that their egg shells are strong!
The white powder is calcium. I mix it in, and put it in a different feeder for them.
They think it’s a special treat.

*     *     *     *     *

No, we don’t build forts for our pets.
We make sure they have shelter in the barn or in small shelters around the farm.

Like many farms, we have an old truck parked in the back. It doesn’t work.
Sometimes the chickens and turkeys like to hide underneath it.
Maybe they think the old truck is a fort.

We’re fixing up that old green truck this year. We hope that we can get it running again. It would be so much fun to drive around and use on the farm!
*    *    *     *     *

If you’ve been keeping track on your calendar you know that Sadie is supposed to have her calf on March 28th! We’re so excited! We’re making sure everything is ready for her. She’ll have a clean stall, and Echo will have to use another stall for a few days.
Today I brought her into the barn to start training her to stand where I milk the cows. 
Have a great week!

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