Goats Who Unlock Fences

We have no idea how the buck and wether are opening the gate and getting into the back yard. But they are!

Crazy goats!

This is our temporary fix until we can figure out something better. ‘Better’ means we don’t have to take off a bungee cord each time we head to the barn. Not the easiest task when we have our hands full of things.

See the clip at the top? That’s what they manage to open. We haven’t caught them doing it, but we catch them in the backyard (and in the neighbor‘s yard) often enough that we know they can.

The bungee is holding them in for now. We would rather have them out eating the grass then penned up eating hay, so we’re stuck with this for a little while.

Hubby tried to add the chain link gate latch, but it doesn’t fit on our fence. We need something the goats can’t open, and something that we can open from either side of the gate. Something we can do one-handed when necessary.

I’m thinking about taking the photo to IFA and asking one of the nice folks there to come up with a solution. They always do their best to help down there, which is why I keep going back.

If you have any ideas, feel free to post them below! There has to be something easy that I don’t know about, or haven’t thought of.

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