Good-bye First Grade!

It’s time to say good-by to First Grade, and time to for you to say good-by to the farm for the summer.

You get summer vacation, but we work all summer long on the farm. We’re always trying new things, and learning new things.

It rained last night. We’re so happy for the rain! Yay for green pastures and food for the animals! Yay for hay farmers who we depend on to help feed our animals! Yay for water in the mountains so we can water the lawn and the flower beds!
Yay for all the new growth on the pine tree by the barn!
Yay for the peas growing in the garden!
I’m so glad the hail didn’t mash down the peas.
I have some screen over part of the peas in the garden just in case we got hail.
No hail got through the screens! Yay!
Tommy, the new cat, is so friendly!
He loves our family and he’s so sorry he didn’t get to visit with you more on the blog.
Echo says goodbye.
She hopes you have a wonderful summer.
She’s looking forward to grazing on green grass this summer.
Annie says goodbye, too.
So do the ducks and the chickens.
Silly River says, goodbye.
She’s hoping you get to visit some animals this summer.
She loves visitors!
One of the hens came by for a photo.
She wants to say goodbye, too.
She followed me into the barn after I took her photo.
I think she was hoping for treats.
The new chicks are all feathered out.
They are very happy to be in a stall today instead of in the rain.
Goodbye new chicks!
This hen is too busy hatching out chicks to come out and say goodbye.
I took a photo of her inside the dog house where she made her nest.
This little hen is sitting on eggs, too!
She likes to puff out her feathers so she looks bigger.
She doesn’t want anyone to take her eggs away.
JJ and Scout want to say goodbye, too.
They hope you have a wonderful summer!
I hope you keep practicing doing nice things for other people all summer long!
Have a wonderful summer vacation! I hope you are looking forward to Second Grade and wonderful teachers! I hope your summer is full of learning and growing and exploring, too!

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