Good-bye, Trusty….

Trusty, our trusted Mazda pick-up, went the way of all old cars at the end of November 2010.

Somehow I think all trucks and cars that have served their owners so well deserve some sort of memorial.

We bought this truck new way back in 1991, and hauled stuff faithfully for many, many years. It came with no radio, no power windows, no power steering, no automatic transmission, no air conditioning, no computer controlled anything, nothing fancy at all. It was named in 1998 when the teenagers started to drive.

It moved with us from our apartment, into our first home, and then again into our second home.

It survived 4 teenagers learning how to drive.

It hauled grain and hay and camping gear.

It hauled manure and dirt for the garden.

It was borrowed by friends and neighbors to haul their stuff, too.

It was taken on yard-sale trips.

It hauled garbage to the dump and donations to the thrift store.

Vet2Be really wanted it to last until he could drive it, too. “All the other kids got to drive it, I want to learn on it, too!”

I would have thought the youngest would be more spoiled and want something fancier to drive than an old blue pick-up with 180,000+ miles on it. All the kids have fond memories of Trusty, even Vet2Be who never got to drive it on a road–only in the pasture and the riding arena.

Trusty lived until Son1 came home from Mexico. It even lived for another 8 months. When the clutch gave out, we realized it was time to put our friend to rest. It had served our family well for a long time.

Hubby thought it was funny that I would take photos of Trusty. But it seems like most of us were attached to it and appreciated a little truck that could….. do everything we needed it to for a very long time.

So, good-bye Trusty. We have wonderful memories of you and you will be missed.

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