Goodbye Dinner

One of the difficult things about raising our own meat is saying goodbye to the animal.

We treat them well and kindly, they have the food they need to grow and be healthy, and they have proper veterinary if it’s needed.

On Tuesday Matt and I spent about 90 minutes trying to get Dinner in the trailer. He really didn’t want to put his back legs in! You would think after trying for so long Dinner would have been running for the corners of the pasture, going as far away as he could get.

No, he had such a good nature that he was still happy to hang around us.

Here’s the last video we have of him. We were sorry to see him go, but he was a steer that was raised for food.

We were grateful for the opportunity we had to care for him, and to raise him well. We have seen how many meat animals are raised, and that’s why we do what we can to raise some of our own.

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