Goodbye, River! We’ll Miss You!

We said goodbye to River last week. Sometimes older goats don’t do well towards the end of their pregnancy.

I didn’t notice that River was sick. She seemed a little slow. I thought it was because the weather has been cold. She was also getting close to having her kids.

I think it was something called toxemia. That’s an illness that goats sometimes get when they are getting close to having babies.

Sometimes she was a silly goat.

She was always a nice goat. She loved people. River loved the people in our family and the visitors to the farm.

We’ll miss her very much.

Your Questions

We have one goat, now. We have Leia. She’ll have babies around March 9th…. we hope!

Yes! We’re going to get another goat. Hopefully Leia will have one baby, maybe two babies!

We’re also getting a new doeling (baby girl goat) in June. My friend and I each reserved babies from Sweet Deseret Dairy. She will get one doeling, and I will get another. We’re also going to get a buckling (baby boy goat) that we will share.

No, we don’t have rabbits. We used to have rabbits. We really enjoyed them. I’m the one that does almost all of the care for the animals. I decided that I liked taking care of chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, goats, and cows better. When our last bunny died, we gave away the cages and decided to focus on the other animals.

Midnight is my favorite cat. I like her best because she doesn’t need a litter box. She’s not always snuggly like other cats. She likes me, and sometimes she sits on my lap when I’m milking the goat. I never have to clean up her fur inside the house, either. All her fur stays outside because she’s a barn cat. She loves the barn, and she loves watching over the animals.

Thanks for all your questions. I love answering them! You can also leave questions in the comment section below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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