Growing Projects

Son1 is helping around the farm. It’s wonderful! He’s 6′ 2″ tall and can work really hard! He’s always been a hard worker and it is nice to have him helping around here again.

Vet2Be is feeling better and received the ‘all clear’ from the doctor. He’s a hard worker, too, but not quite as intense as his big brother!

We also have our un-official foster-son here. He is in the Army Reserves and will be here until he goes to drill. He is trying to find a paying job close by so he can move his wife and son up here. He is helping, too.

The project is long, as projects often are. And one project seems to lead to another, which often happens, too! Son1 and ArmyDad (our un-official foster-son) used the jack hammer that Hubby bought last year to take out the old satellite dish post that has been in the yard since we moved in. That took most of the day. There is a man who recycles metal in our area. He came by that evening and picked up the pipe along with other metal junk we had laying around. The cement is gone, too.

Now we have a hole in the back yard that is covered by a wood board. We are planning on moving a tree into the hole as soon as…

The shed gets moved…

which will happen as soon as we get the dirt moved….

Son1, Vet2Be, and ArmyDad removed the sod from the spot that the shed is going to. We recycled the sod into a spot in the yard where there used to be a free-standing pool for the kids to swim in. Vet2Be is 6′ tall now and so the pool is gone.

Our job this week will be to move the dirt into the dry-lot in front of the barn. Eventually this area will be planted in grass so that we can reduce our feed costs next summer.

Son1 is on a business trip this week, so it is up to ArmyDad, Vet2Be, and I to move the dirt. When Son1 gets back we will lay gravel and sand. Then we’ll try our hand at laying pavers.

When the pavers are laid, we’ll empty the 8′ x 10′ shed onto the new pad.

More projects will follow moving the shed. The tree will get moved into the hole left by the satellite dish post, the flower bed that the tree came from will be turned into a parking area, all the extra dirt from that flower bed will be moved into the dry lot, and then the dry lot will be tilled and planted with grass.

The projects around here remind me of the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…” because one project always leads to another!

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