Happy Birthday, Scout.

Welcome back!

Did you learn new things last week? Did you work hard? I hope so! Sometimes weeks are full of learning new things! That can be hard, but it can be enjoyable, too!

I hope you had a fun Halloween. We still have a lot of candy left over. Our street doesn’t have street lights. We don’t have sidewalks, and the houses are far apart so we don’t get many trick or treaters.

This is my favorite picture of Scout.
We took him camping this year and he is such a good dog in the car, and while we’re camping.
Not many dogs will wear sunglasses so we can take a photo!

Do you know that some dogs are so special that people remember their birthdays? We remember Scout’s birthday. So does the woman who owned us before we did. She always sends a birthday text for him.

I sent her this video so she could see that he is happy at our house.

Scout loves to herd any of the animals on our farm. Sometimes he helps us get animals from one area of the farm to another area of the farm. Even though he loves herding the goats and the cow, he doesn’t mind watching over the chickens one bit! Scout’s favorite thing in the world is to be with the livestock!

This is JJ.
Can you tell the difference between JJ and Scout?
They look alike, but not exactly the same.
They aren’t even brother and sister!
JJ sits here every morning waiting for her treat.
She and Scout share the first few squirts of milk from Echo.

JJ’s favorite thing in the world is to eat! She loves to eat so much that she gobbles her food down and then eats Scout’s food. This is how we slow her down. She has to work for her food.

When we’re done milking Echo in the morning she loves to get a hug. She is a sweet cow!

She loves being scratched under her neck, on the sides of her neck, and on top of her head.

Do you remember the chicken who was riding Clover last week? She loves to ride the goats, and the goats don’t seem to mind her sitting on their backs. I think she must be very, very careful with her claws. We decided to call her Dale, after a famous cowgirl named Dale Evans who loved to ride her horse named Buttermilk.

Dale the chicken loves to ride the goats!

This chicken decided it was a good time of year to hatch out eggs.
We’ll see if the weather stays warm enough.
She started sitting on 5 eggs on October 30.
Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch.
What date do you think they will hatch?

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