Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break, and a Happy New Year!

Your teacher told me that you would like to meet some of the animals on our little farm. Some of you met the animals when you came last fall to make apple cider. 

Do you remember any of these animals?

This is me and Sadie, our 2 year old cow!

Sadie loves getting cow hugs every morning. She loves to put her head on me so I’ll rub her face and under her chin.

Sadie is a very pretty cow. 
She’s also very gentle, which is why we love her.
Sadie will have her first calf (baby cow) in March. 
We’re so excited!


We also have a cow named Echo. Echo is Sadie’s mom.

Echo is walking to the gate to meet me this morning.
Echo will have a calf in August.

Echo is Sadie’s mom. Echo will be 8 years old in February. I milk her every morning. When Sadie has her calf, I’ll milk Sadie, too!
I love looking at the mountains in the morning as I head out to the barn. They are beautiful! I love watching the seasons change on the mountains, too. In the winter they are covered with snow, in the spring I watch the snow melt and the trees turn green, and in the fall I look for the colorful trees on the side of the mountains.

We also have 3 sheep and a goat. And a lot of chickens, ducks, and turkeys. 

This is Pobrecito. That means “Poor Little One” in Spanish.
We gave him that name because he almost died a few times when he was a baby this spring.
He’s doing much better right now, and his is a very gentle lamb.

This is Cocoa. He’s the biggest ram (boy sheep) that we have.
He’s also a very nice animal.
Sometimes new people frighten him, so he’ll run away.

Cocoa has big horns, I don’t know why he would be afraid of new people!

Sometimes Sadie is afraid of new people and runs away, too. I don’t know why a big cow would be afraid of people who are so much smaller than she is.

I’ll show you some of the chickens, ducks, and turkeys next week. And I’ll take some photos of River, our milk goat.

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