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Hay Delivery

Welcome back!

I hope you have enjoyed the nice weather we have been having. We’ve been getting some things done around the farm because it’s so nice outside.

I thought today would be a good day to answer some of the questions you’ve sent me.

No, we don’t have a daddy cow. A daddy cow is called a bull.
Bulls are not very nice, they are hard to handle and we don’t
like to keep animals on the farm that might hurt children who visit.

We have a steer, named Remi. He’s not a daddy cow because he can’t have babies.

He gets very excited every time he hears the tractor!
We have a mommy cow named Echo.
She’s not a mommy, yet!
Her calf is due on March 25th.
How many more days before she has a calf?
No, we don’t have pigs.
We aren’t allowed to have pigs in our town,
that’s the law.
This is a good question!
We have flat head shovels, spades (shovels with a round end), pick axes,
manure forks, rakes, pitch forks, garden forks

We also have a tractor!

Bryon, Matt, and Tim shovel the manure and mess from the stall to the tractor.

Our tractor helps move the manure and yuck from the stalls to the mulch pile.

That is a lot of manure!
We use it on our garden and we share it with anyone who wants it for their garden.

Our tractor can unload hay from the truck.
This is a good question!
How much hay do you have?

This is what the barn looks like when it’s ready for more hay.

How many bales of hay can you count?
How long do you think this hay will last?

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