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I don’t know the family, but my daughter does. She works with Henry’s mom. Henry was found to have Trisomy 18. My daughter and her husband were asked once more to build a casket for an infant that would not grow up.

Here are a few photos of the casket.

This casket is bigger than Emma’s casket because Henry was full term. It measures 26″ x 14.5″ x 13.5″. I forgot to take pictures when the handles were put on. The handles were placed in the middle of each end and were polished chrome.

Inside the lid. On the other side of the lid a small plaque will be placed that says, “Henry, we held you in our arms for but a moment, and in our hearts forever.” to indicate where the head is laid.

Inside the casket. I made a small pillow that is reversible, a small reversible blanket, and two hankies with Henry’s name on them. 
One for mom and one for dad.
The other side of the blanket and pillow.

 Lid with the plaque on top.

I know it is a sad time for Henry’s parents. I don’t know what they are suffering at this time. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that we have to comfort them in a small way.

Here’s a link to the other project that we did for a family that lost their baby girl, Emma. No photos of the casket, but photos and links for the burial clothing and other gifts we gave to the family.

Getting the plaque was interesting. We couldn’t reach Henry’s mom to find out what to put on the plaque. We chose “Families Are Forever”. She called up after the plaque was done and had decided what she wanted on it. I left a note for the woman who made the first plaque with a request that if she had time, please make a new one.

She called me and was happy to help. Imagine… a business that has same day service and is happy to help! She said that she had buried a baby about 18 months ago and understood the pressure that families are under during this time.

Within 3 minutes of me hanging up the phone with the person making the plaque… I got another phone call with changes to the plaque. Yup! Sheesh! I called the woman immediately since she said the plaque would be ready in 5 minutes. I had one phone on one ear with my daughter telling me what the family wanted, and the other phone on my other ear relaying the information to the kind woman making the plaque.

When I went to pick up the plaque the woman was so kind and sweet. I told her what we are doing and commented on the caskets that can be purchased for babies. She answered with, “Like the styrofoam box that I buried my baby in?”

And that’s why we have built these caskets, so mothers and fathers don’t have to bury their precious children in the styrofoam boxes that are available at the mortuaries.

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