Home Remedies for Stopping Bleeding

Sheepy called me and wanted to know if there were any household remedies for stopping bleeding. I remembered that you could use cornstarch or spider webs (which are rich in vitamin K), but I didn’t know of any others. She is planning on taking off a bit of her buck’s scur and wants to make sure that if there is more bleeding than she is comfortable with, she has something she can try.

I’m not recommending any of the ideas below…. I haven’t tried any of them except the blood stop powder that I bought at the farm supply store. But I wanted the information handy just in case I want to try something else. And that’s why I put things like this on my blog…. just so I know where I can find them. It’s kinda like an electronic brain for me!

I did a quick internet search and found a few things that would stop minor bleeding. I think that pressure, bandages, and a trip to the emergency room (or veterinarian) would be best for a bad wound. But sometimes if it isn’t a bad wound, then it is nice to try something at home.

Here’s the link I found the most helpful information:

Bleeding Home Remedy

Some things on the list that I didn’t know about, but make perfect sense, were wet tea bags (not herbal–just regular tea), yarrow, duct tape, salt mixed with water, dry coffee grounds, and cayenne pepper.

Hoosier Home Remedies by Varro E. Tyler recommends scrapings of sole leather applied to a cut and the juice from a milkweed plant that is dripped into the cut or wound. Also, chewing up sassafras leaves (sassafras albidum) until they are fine and then applying the mass to the would should stop bleeding.

Tea leaves and leather scrappings both contain tannins and will act as styptics.

We’ll stick with the blood-stop powder stored out in the barn, but I love knowing other ways of doing things!

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