How Many Chickens?

Welcome back!

We had a bad thing happen this week.

Miles, our wonderful dog escaped from the barnyard and got hit by a car.
He is at the vet today and will have surgery on his leg.

One reason that we have fences is to keep animals in the yard so they will be safe.

One reason that parents and teachers have rules is to keep children safe. Fences and rules are sometimes hard to obey. I hope you think about the rules you have and even if you don’t understand them, you will obey them and stay safe.

I’ll have more photos of Miles and his leg tomorrow. I didn’t take pictures of the accident because they were too yucky, and because we were in a hurry to get him to the veterinarian clinic.

Now for some fun!

How many chickens?

I have two videos for you to watch. You’ll have to count really fast!

How many chickens did you count in both videos?
Now for some math!
There were 3 chickens that slept in the rafters in the barn that night, and there were 2 chickens that slept in the garden. How many chickens in all?
Last week we had a friend that was looking for chickens. Since we have so many we asked if she wanted some of ours. We gave her 4 black chickens.
How many chickens do we have left?
The egg on the left is a regular egg from our chickens.
The one in the middle is a little egg.
The one on the right is a tiny egg called a pullet egg.
A pullet egg is the first egg that a chicken lays and it is tiny!
I’ll send the pullet egg to school after spring break so your teacher can show it to you.
Guess what is in the dog cage?

Our turkey hen is sitting on eggs again!
She started sitting on Monday, 28 March.
Turkey eggs hatch out in 25-28 days.
What day will that be on a calendar?
Quin got chicks this week.
He and his family are raising 7 chicks.
Quin loves this chick, it’s his favorite.
He loves to bring it in the house and hold it.
I think the little chick likes it, too!

Here are the egg counts for the week:
On Friday I found 6 brown eggs, 5 green eggs, 2 duck eggs, and 2 little eggs.
On Saturday I found 10 brown eggs, 5 green eggs, 0 duck eggs, and 1 little egg.
On Sunday I found 7 brown eggs, 4 green eggs, 1 duck egg and 2 little eggs.
On Monday I found 15 brown eggs, 5 green eggs, 0 duck eggs, and 1 little egg
On Tuesday I found8 brown eggs, 4 green eggs, 2 duck eggs, and 2 little eggs. I also gave away 4 black hens.
On Wednesday I found 8 brown eggs, 5 green eggs, 1 duck egg, 1 little egg, and 1 pullet egg (you probably don’t need to count that one!)
On Thursday I found 6 brown eggs, 6 green eggs, 1 duck egg, and 2 little eggs.
I’ll post during spring break for everyone who wants and update on Miles.
I hope you have a wonderful week!

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