How Many Eggs?

Welcome back!

Last year the first graders enjoyed making a graph of how many eggs I collected. I thought you might like to do that, too.

Every week I’ll let you know how many eggs I’ve collected. After 6 weeks we’ll both make graphs to see which color eggs I collected the most of.

Here’s a video of what happened on Sunday.

That is a lot of eggs! Silly chickens!
We find eggs in lots of different places.
We found these eggs under the wagon!
We find eggs in the feeders in the stalls, too!
  • Sunday I collected 14 brown eggs, 4 green eggs, and 14 duck eggs
  • Monday I collected 3 brown eggs, 1 green egg, and 0 duck eggs
  • Tuesday I collected 5 brown eggs, 3 green eggs, and 0 duck eggs
    (I think the duck is hiding her eggs again!
  • Wednesday I collected 7 brown eggs, 3 green eggs, and 1 duck egg
  • Thursday I collected 11 brown eggs, 2 green eggs, and 0 duck eggs

That’s a lot of eggs!
*     *     *    *    *    *
Yes, we have a chicken coop.
It’s not a fancy coop, but it keeps the chickens safe from raccoons and mink.
Some animals like to attack chickens while they are sleeping so
we have a coop that is strong enough to keep predators out.

Our chicken coop is a big wire cage with a locking door.
It’s covered with two tarps to keep the wind out.
There are wood boards along the bottom to keep the
cold wind from sweeping underneath in the winter.

I don’t know!
We try to make sure all our chickens are in the coop at night
but some of them are sneaky and sleep in the rafters of the barn.
I’ll take a video of the chickens coming out of their coop and you
can count the ones that sleep inside.

Our chickens eat something called, “lay mash.”
Lay mash is a specially prepared food for chickens that has
the right amount of protein for the chickens to be able to stay healthy
and lay eggs.
It looks like corn meal.
*     *     *    *    *    *
This is a funny video because Scout likes to herd.
That’s his job!
What is herding? Herding is what a dog or pair of dogs do with livestock. They can gather up a bunch of sheep or cows and move them where the shepherd wants them.
Scout thinks I want Xander to follow me into the barn. He guides Xander carefully from the gate to the barn. Did you notice that Scout made sure that Xander didn’t trip on the wood on the right side of the video? That’s a good dog!
*     *     *    *    *    *
Look! All the hoops are up for the greenhouse!
There is still a lot of work to do, but this is a great start!

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