How Sheepy Waters her Bees

Sheepy sent me a photo of how she’s been watering her bees.

“I thought this was easier/safer for the bees. They aren’t even going near the stock tanks anymore.”

What a great idea!

Hubby worked with our bees on Saturday. We lost a hive, which was sad. But not too sad since this hive managed to get a little hostile last summer.

Hubby cleaned it out and harvested some of the honey. Then he put the hive in a neighbor’s ‘pasture’. It’s not a really big pasture, and they don’t have animals back there yet, but it could be a pasture area for a few goats.

He also checked another one of his hives at another neighbor’s house. Their hive died over the winter, too. One of their kids accidentally knocked the lid off, so the bees got too cold and died.

The other two hives are at Sheepy’s house. She knows how to keep bees! And her kids like bees so they’re pretty careful around the hives.

Both those hives lived. The bees in the Styrofoam hive seemed to do better than the bees in the new wooden hive. She said if it got any busier at the hive entrance the bees would need an air traffic controller on the hive roof!

I told Hubby I would miss having a beehive here.

He said he’d order another one and get it set up.

Thanks 🙂

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