Hurt Chicken

Sometimes animals get hurt. I’m not sure how it happened, but I found this chicken’s foot caught under a gate yesterday. She looked terrible! It’s been so cold and she had been stuck there for hours!

The other chickens had been pecking at her head because she couldn’t get away. Sometimes chickens aren’t nice to each other. 

I got her out from under the gate. I put her in a warm spot in the barn with some food and water. She couldn’t walk because her foot had been frozen to the ground under the gate.  I didn’t think she would live. That was sad.

When I went out this morning, she was missing from her warm spot!

I searched around the barn and found her sitting on the cold cement floor. That didn’t look comfortable, but she is alive!

She’s walking, but she limps. You can see which foot she doesn’t want to use.

She likes to sit, and not move much.

This is where she hid. I put food and water near her so she doesn’t have to go out with the other chickens unless she wants to.

I hope she gets better! She’s a good hen. Not many of my chickens have names because I have so many. A few of the special chickens have names.

If you would like to tell me your ideas for a name for this hen, please write me a note or leave a message in the comments.
It seems like many of you have ideas for names for Sadie’s calf.
The calf is due around March 28.
Save your ideas for names until I show you pictures of the calf in a little over 1 month.
I don’t really have a favorite animal on the farm.
I like them all!

Sadie loves me the best out of everyone.
She comes for hugs every morning.
She loves it when I rub her neck under her chin.
She lays her head against me and snuggles me.
It’s a bit tricky for a 900 lb cow to snuggle.
I don’t mind. She’s gentle, and she’s very sweet.

Right now I only have one goat.
River is the only goat we have.
I milk her every morning.
She gives about 3/4 gallon every day.

Have a great week!

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