I Love My Cows!

I love cows. I loved horses when I was younger, but now I really like having cows.

Here are 3 things I like about cows,

4 things to look for when you decide to get a cow,

5 things I do for my cows, and

6 things I do every day.

3 Things I Like

Cow Hugs!

I like cow hugs! If you raise a cow from a calf, they are usually very friendly. Friendly cows mean cow hugs!

Calves drink a lot of milk!

They can be very friendly when you raise them on a bottle.

Sadie liked to lean her head on my leg to tell me she wanted a hug.

Not every cow is as gentle as our cows are so be careful when you are visiting cows. They are very big and can knock you over if you aren’t careful.


We usually have one cow for milk. We love fresh milk from our cow. Milk is good for our bones, and it is delicious. If my cow is giving milk, I have to be outside in the barn every day. That is good for me, too.

A cow gives 2 or more gallons a day. Our cow gave about 5 gallons every day. Not only can we drink the milk, we can make butter and cheese from the milk. We can make ice cream from the milk, too!

Butter and Cheese

When we have a lot of milk we can make butter from the cream that is in the milk. We can also make cheese. I love cheese!

It takes a lot of cream to make a little bit of butter. But it is so yummy!

We also like to make cheese and cheese curds. You might have eaten some yummy cheese curds that your parent bought at the store. Home made cheese curds are even better!

4 Things to Look For When You Get a Cow

When I choose a cow for our farm I like to look for a few things to make sure the cow will be good for our little farm.

Temperament: Is My Cow Gentle?

Temperament means how an animal behaves around people and other animals. Is the cow a bully or is it kind?

Echo always loved to see what was going on when visitors came to see her! We still miss her!

Breed: What Kind of Cow?

Do you have a dog? Do you know what kind of dog you have? Some dogs are gentle and sweet. Some bark a lot! Some like to stay home, and some like to sneak out of the yard. Some kinds of dogs are very smart and can do a lot of tricks. Some dogs are good at snuggling and laying in your lap.

Cows have different breeds just like dogs. We like Jersey cows and Brown Swiss cows. Not only do they give a lot of milk, they are also gentle around the farm. They like people, and that is important when we have so many visitors.


The size of the cow is important too, but not as important as how gentle and nice they are.

We like medium size cows. They are easier to work with, they have less manure, and they eat a little less than big cows that you might see at a dairy or a petting farm.


That might seem like an interesting thing to think about. Who cares if a cow is old or young? We do! You already know that we like to raise calves because they are more friendly when they are raised with us. A cow has to be 2 years old before it can have it’s first calf, so it’s a lot of work to take care of an animal that long before they can give us milk.

We don’t want an old cow, either. When a cow gets to be 5 years or older, it is sometimes harder for them to have a baby. We’ve had sick cows after they have had a baby. It’s hard to take care of human children when they are sick. Can you imagine taking care of a cow when it isn’t feeling well?

5 Things to Have and Do: Taking Care of Cows

Strong Fences!

You’ll need strong fences if you want a cow. They are heavy! Our cows have been between 800 and 1400 pounds.

Strong fences keep our animals safely in our pasture. I don’t want our cows to get out on the road and get hit by a car. I also don’t want them wandering around the neighborhood trampling neighbor’s yards.


We like to make sure that our animals all have a place out of the wind, rain, and snow. I think it’s important for them to have a dry place to sleep if they want. Sometimes they choose to sleep outside, even in the cold weather, but I like them to have a choice.

Our cows are a bit spoiled. They have horse stalls for their shelter. Cows don’t need a fancy stall. They just need a shelter that gives them shade in the summer, and a place to stay dry in the winter.

They stay very warm with a thick coat of fur, and plenty of food.

A Veterinarian and an AI Tech

Do you have a doctor? Cows need a doctor, too. A doctor for animals is called a veterinarian.

You’ll need a special veterinarian for cows. The veterinarians that take care of dogs and cats and other pets don’t take care of cows.

A vet can also help your cow get ready to have a calf (baby cow). Other people can help when you want your cow to have a baby. They are called AI Techs. If you want a milk cow, you’ll need people to help you take care of your cow so she will stay healthy.


Ewwwww!!!! Cows have worms?

Yes, most barnyard animals can get worms. Have you seen where they eat?

They eat their food right from the ground! They graze and eat grass, too. Ewwww!!

Actually, that’s normal for cows. So are eating things like worm eggs that get into their stomachs. There are some medicines that are easy to give to cows to make sure the worms die and don’t cause problems. Your veterinarian can help you find the right medications for your cows. It’s important to know about all sorts of things when you decide to get a cow.

Hoof Trimming

Do you trim your fingernails? Do you have someone trim your dog’s nails? It’s important to have cow’s hooves trimmed, too.

You’ll need to find another person to help you with your cow. This man is our friend and he trims all our cows’ hooves. He has a big truck and some special trimmers to take care of cow hooves.

It’s important to have their hooves trimmed. If their hooves are too long, they can’t walk correctly. If they can’t walk correctly they will get sore legs and hips.

Of course we want our cows to be healthy and happy! They aren’t very happy when we are getting their hooves trimmed. But they are always happy when they are done! They feel so much better. It’s almost like getting new, comfy shoes for a human!

6 Things I Do Every Day

Next week I’ll share 6 things that I do every day with my cows.

I’ll also share a bonus fun thing about cows!

I hope you have a wonderful week.

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