Internet Providers :(

We had no internet and phones for almost a week!

Of course, our internet provider said it was our fault, something in our house or with our equipment.

And of course, it turned out it was their equipment.

So, now we have internet back, and our house phone.

I’ll get back to posting again later in the week. I’ve been arranging 4 songs for guitar. One has to be done by tomorrow, the other three must be done by Friday.

One was much harder than I originally thought–so that has been what has taken all my time. One of the frustrating things has been that I can do all sorts of stuff: laundry, knitting, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, reading, making beds, talking on the phone….. you get the idea, and no one comes to talk to me. But as soon as I sit down with the guitar and try to figure out this song…. either Vet2Be or Hubby come in and there goes my ‘right brain shift’!

Maybe I should have moved the computer and the guitar into the bathroom!

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