Is Echo, the Cow, Pregnant?

We’ve had an interesting week! Things didn’t go as planned. The refrigerator in the garage that cools the milk needed to be fixed. The garage door needed to be fixed. And Echo needed a visit from the vet.

Do you have weeks like that, too?

We still have to get all the chores done, even though things don’t go as planned. It all turned out fine, just like it always does!

Mishka is still small enough to go in and out of the barn by going
under the big garage door.
She’s so cute!
*     *     *     *     *     *

A few weeks ago someone dropped off a turkey at our farm because we have turkeys. They thought she must have escaped from our house.

She didn’t escape from our farm. 
She must have escaped from someone else’s farm.
She seems happy here so we let her stay. She’s very friendly!
A cub scout pack came to the farm for Pack Meeting so they could see all the animals. Brownie sat up on the fence and talked to everyone like she was in charge.
She scared a few people because they weren’t used to a turkey making noises and acting friendly. Once they realized she wasn’t going to hurt them they thought she was fun!

The new turkey has a boring name.
I call her Brownie because she’s brown.

*     *     *     *     *     *

We have an awesome veterinarian. She comes to the farm! I bet you have to take your cat or dog to the vet. We are very happy to have the vet come to us.

It’s not easy to load the big animals in a trailer and bring them to a vet clinic. A lot of people do, but it takes a lot of time and trouble to load a cow.

Dr. Tracy is so good with our animals and she’s very nice. She always explains what she’s doing and what she thinks is best for the animals.

I asked her to come this week because we are pretty sure Echo will have a baby in November, but we aren’t positive. I also wanted Echo checked for a disease called Johne’s Disease (pronounced YO-knees). We drink Echo’s milk and we wanted to make sure she doesn’t have anything that will make us sick.

Dr. Tracy is going to take some blood out of Echo’s tail.
That’s the best place to take blood from a cow.

 You or your parent’s may have gone to the doctor and had ‘blood work’ done. They usually take blood from a person’s arm.

Animals are different than people. A vet will take blood from different spots on different animals.

Echo was pretty good as long as I held a bucket of grain for her to eat.

Dr. Tracy is so good that she can take a photo while she’s holding the syringe!
Hannah is great at holding Echo’s tail.

Hannah doesn’t really like cows. I think it’s because they are usually big, smelly, and hard to handle. I think Echo is a good cow because she’s usually easy for me to handle.

Last spring I had to take a hook out of her eye and she didn’t fight while people were holding her.  Dr. Tracy couldn’t come that day so she helped me by answering my questions on the phone. Sometimes Dr. Cate helps me, too! They are both wonderful veterinarians.

*     *     *     *     *     *

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