January Thaw is a Muddy Mess!

We had a January Thaw last week and the mud was deep and thick!

We love all the snow and rain that we are getting this year. It will mean green pastures and green fields that will grow food next summer.

It also means that things get pretty muddy where the cows are. The pee and poo a lot!

We spent quite a few hours on a Friday afternoon until dark cleaning out the mud and muck around the barn. After the muck and mud and manure were moved, we covered it with wood chips to help reduce the amount of mud around the barn.

It’s hard for me to feed when I have to walk through mud that is ankle deep!

This is the muddy mess that I cleaned out of Sadie and Stormy’s stall.
Bryon used the tractor to pile up the mud.

He scooped as much as he could with the tractor bucket. Sometimes it was hard to fill the bucket all the way so Heather and I shoveled to fill it so he would have fewer trips out to the back.

All the dark piles are the mud and muck that got moved.

That was a lot of mud and muck and manure to move! In the spring we’ll have lots of families come by to pick it up and put it in their garden.

Over the next few months all those piles will turn from straw, mud, and manure into the nicest garden dirt! We’ll spray it with some special bacteria to help it break down faster. The bacteria will also help the dirt to be much better to grow garden vegetables in.

Do you grow a garden?

While we were digging out the muck, Tim decided that it would be good to dig out some of the old road base pile in the cow pen. It is almost like cement! It wouldn’t budge with the tractor or a pick.

Tim grabbed the jackhammer and broke up quite a bit of it so we could haul it off. He’ll finish the job in the spring when we have another thaw. Having soft dirt around the pile of road base makes it much easier to dig up and move.

This week is really cold! Everything is frozen out in the barnyard.

We’re so glad we took the time last week to clean out the muddy mess!

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