Just What A Parent Wants to Hear

I got an email from our daughter today. I sat here and cried. It is just what a parent wants to hear. We always wonder if we are doing what is best for our kids…. always.

I loved growing up the way we did, I really think you gave us a good sense of reality.  I think learning to work is a priceless thing. You did great things with us, I think I could not have turned out better, you guys did a great job, I am not afraid to learn, or work hard, I could not ask for any more, it makes our lives satisfying and happy.  Thanks again for all your help, you are an amazing woman, and Carpenter and I really appreciate all you do for us.

She and her husband have moved far away. We miss them tons already. But she has always been a Yankee at heart, so she and her husband are very, very happy there. It is where they are meant to be.

The day they left. They drove straight through and arrived at midnight the next day. Surry (the dog) was sick for a while, but they gave her some Benadryl and she did great the rest of the trip.

Their family photo was taken a few days before they left.

The corner of their new house with the lake and the dock just beyond. They live in paradise!

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