Keep Your Feathers, Stay Inside the Fence

We have a wonderful neighbor with some very good dogs. One of the dogs is a ‘bird dog’ called a German Shorthair Pointer. Lady is beautiful! I’ll try to get a picture of her for you next week so you can see how pretty she is.

Like all bird dogs, she loves water and BIRDS!

We have a fence between our farm yard and our neighbor’s pasture because it’s safer for animals to stay in their own fences.

Last week our turkey decided to jump the fence. Lady did what bird dogs do and grabbed our turkey by her tail. The mama turkey has no tail feathers anymore!

I hope you are smarter than this turkey and obey the rules your parents and teachers have for you!

Do you see the other turkey tails? Poor mama turkey!
She didn’t stay where she belonged and lost her tail.

She lost a lot of feathers!

We have fences to keep our animals safe from danger. Sometimes there are predators or dangerous animals outside the fences. Predators are other animals that will eat other animals. Sometimes there are dangerous things like old fences or nails in other people unused fields. Farm animals aren’t smart enough to stay away from things that will hurt them so we have fences, stalls, and cages for them.

Your parents and teachers have rules for you. Rules are like fences because they keep you safe. I’m sure there are times you think you know better and don’t want to obey the rules. Our turkey thought she knew better and jumped the fence. It’s always a good idea for animals to stay safe inside fences and children to stay safe by obeying the rules, even when you don’t understand why and even when you don’t want to.

*     *     *     *     *     *

We had more chicks born on the farm this week!

How many chicks can you see?
Here is one of the new chicks on the day it was born.
I love new chicks, I think they are adorable.
I love listening to them cheep!

*     *     *     *     *     *
We don’t want our farm animals to be afraid of our dogs.
Our dogs don’t want the animals to be afraid of them, either.
Scout is teaching Loki that he is safe to be around.
*     *     *     *     *     *

We had so many animals on the farm this year that we sold a lot during the last few weeks.

All the little white goats were born on the farm this spring.
You can also see one of the bucks (daddy goats) and the sheep in the picture.
All these animals have gone to new homes during the last two weeks.

Here are two of the bucks.
We still have Curly, the goat on the left.
Zeek is the buck on the right. We sold him to a nice farm near Manti, UT.

We also sold this little buck to a wonderful girl.

She is so happy with her new buckling!

Are you wondering why the buck has green ears? Goats aren’t very good at wearing a name tag so we have to put their name and number in their ears with green tattoo ink. I hope you are good at wearing your name tag! It’s one of the things that will keep you safe at school and help teachers and other helpers know where you belong.

Thank you for stopping by. We love sharing our farm with you. I hope you learn a lot this week, and I hope you obey the rules that your parents and teachers have for you.

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