Kidding 2014

We only bred two goats out of four this year, Annie and Sandy.

Clover is at least 12, so we didn’t want to chance loosing her. It would be hard on her to have kids this late in life.

Misty was so sick from mastitis last year that we wanted to give her a year break before we bred her again. We’ll breed her this fall. She only has half an udder, so she only gives about 3 lbs (1 1/2 quarts) of milk each day.

Annie kidded on April 8 this year. She had a beautiful buckling that is healthy and strong. She also had a still-born doeling. We have no idea what happened. There was no decay, so it hadn’t been dead long.

He was disbudded on April 14th so he’s not as cute now as he was right after he was born.

Annie is giving almost a gallon a day. She’s healthy and strong and doing well, as always. She’s been one of our most reliable goats.

Sandy should kid out the end of May. We’re not sure exactly what date she was bred, so we’re just guessing by how she looks. Not very good animal husbandry on our part, but sometimes other things get in the way of writing things down when we should.

If you have any name suggestions for the buckling, please leave it in the comments section!

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