Kids 2012

Just some photos of the kids that were born this year.

Three bucklings and two doelings this year. One buckling was wethered, the other two will be sold intact because they have good breeding as well as being beautiful bucklings.

Prince. He is beautiful! I wish I could get a good photo of him so I could show off his straight, strong back and his good legs.

He’s got a cute face, too! And he’s a gentle, sweet buckling. He’s got his dad’s personality and good looks!

The S’nubian wether.

The one with the yellow collar is the other buckling. He’s good looking, too, but not as nice as Prince is!

Vet2Be will keep the two doelings and show them this year. Then he’ll have to decide which goats to keep and which to sell since we are only allowed six large animals on the property.

Animals under 6 months don’t count, so we’re fine until November!

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