Kids Coming Soon!

I hope you are having a great week!

I’m really enjoying the snow and rain we’ve been having. It means we may have enough water for the pasture to grow in the spring.

Sometimes people hurry from one thing to the next and never stop to look
at how beautiful our world is.
I love the snow on the mountains!

The snow on the fence sparkles in the morning sunshine.

All this water means a lot of mud and muck especially by Echo’s stall.
I don’t mind, that’s why I have muck boots!

My snow boots were thrown away a few weeks ago because the holes were so big. Spring is here and I’ve put on my muck boots. They aren’t as warm as snow boots, but they keep my feet dry even if I’m sinking in the mud.

*     *     *     *     *
Do you remember River?
She is almost 2 years old.
Her birthday is April 9, 2016

She is getting ready to have her own babies in a few weeks. She should have her kids on April 7th. Sometimes babies come a day or two early, or a day or two late.

How many days until River will have her kids?

You’ll be on Spring Break when River kids. We often have goat kids born during Spring Break.

River had a rough time when she was born. When you go home you can have your parents click on this link to read more about what happened when she was born. River

This is River’s back.

Which side is bigger, the left side or the right side?

You might think that the babies are on the left side, but they aren’t. The babies are on the right side. The left side is bigger because that’s how big a goat’s stomach is! She has plenty of food and water right now to make sure her babies finish growing properly and are born healthy.

We aren’t milking River anymore. She has a break from milking for 4-6 weeks before her kids are born. We want to make sure that what she eats keeps her and her babies healthy and strong.

Sometimes we have to feed baby goats a bottle. We had to bottle feed River when she was little.

Here’s a video of Quin and Xander feeding her almost 2 years ago.

We still have a few things to do to get ready for River’s new babies. We have to clean the stall out so there is clean bedding. We need to make sure there is a little dog house inside the stall so they have a warm place to snuggle. I need to make sure their sweaters are clean and mended so they are ready to put on.

We’re counting down to Spring Break and River’s new baby goats! It’s so exciting!

Have a great week!

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