Kid’s Questions Answered

Apple Blossoms

The apple trees are blossoming! It has been 3 years since we planted the trees out in the pasture. I pulled the little apples off for the last 2 years so the roots will go deep and grow strong.

I’m supposed to pull the apples off this year, too. Oh, that’s going to be so hard! Look at those beautiful blossoms that will turn into delicious apples!

My friend said I should just pull have the apples off this year to see how the tree does. I haven’t decided if I’m going to pick all the baby apples, or all of them this year.

I suppose it depends on how many bees come around and pollinate the blossoms for apples.


Titan’s birthday is October 23, 2022. Can you use a calendar to find out how old Titan is?

He’s really cute! And he’s a very loving dog. He’s learning how to behave nicely in the barnyard and come when he is called. Today he did very well!

He never hurts the chickens or any of the animals. He does like to fence-fight with the neighbor dogs. We’re working with him so he stops that. It’s very noisy to have two dogs barking at each other!


Stormy’s birthday is August 20, 2022.

She’s growing so fast! She loves to eat the weeds that I pull and throw over the fence. She grazes on the pasture. She comes to a whistle most of the time. She thinks that I have food for her if she hears a whistle.

No Bull!

No, we don’t have a bull. Bulls can get very big, and very mean. We love our neighbors and the families that visit the farm. A bull would be dangerous to have around.

What Do I Like to do on the Farm

I like doing the morning chores on the barn. I like milking the goat and the cow. I like feeding the chickens. I like feeding the other animals on the farm, too.

I like petting the sheep.

I like watching the big water going out in the pasture.

I even like weeding the garden a bit!

In the summer I spend between 4-6 hours a day working outside on the farm. I like it very much.

I like visiting with the horses next door. And I also like seeing Frosty peeking through the fence next to them.

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