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Sometimes I have a hard time finding ideas to write about. The best thing for me to do is to take pictures and short videos during the week. Pictures help me to come up with a story for you to read each week. I look through all the pictures and try to think about what would be interesting for you to read about.

How do you come up with ideas about what to write?

I hope that you use some of my pictures to come up with questions, and with some stories of your own. I really like it when you send me questions to answer. I hope that you are practicing your handwriting so I can read your questions!

*     *    *     *     *     *

Animals always like breakfast. Some people don’t eat much breakfast, some people eat a lot of breakfast!

The chickens always come when I call them for breakfast.
So do the turkeys.
The chickens get to eat until the turkeys arrive,
then the chickens have to wait until the turkeys eat what they want and go away.
Can you hear the chicks peep?
What other sounds can you hear?

Echo likes breakfast, too.

She is always waiting at the door to come in the barn when I go out in the morning.
As soon as I open the gate she comes in and goes right to her bucket of grain.
She gets breakfast while I milk her.
Sometimes she makes a mess on the floor when I get done milking her.
Ewwww YUCK!

Look at how much Loki is growing!
He gets to wear a halter now.
Loki is growing up so we put him in a different pasture at night so that Echo will have milk for us in the morning. If we leave Loki with Echo all the time there wouldn’t be any milk for us. Loki is old enough to learn how to graze (eat the grass on the pasture) and to be away from Echo for a while. You’re learning to be away from your family, too. You go to school during the day!
*     *    *     *     *     *
Do you remember the ducklings from earlier this year?
They are growing up.
They aren’t making regular duck quacks yet so I can’t tell if one is a boy and one is a girl.
I think the white and tan one is a boy.
That one always stands taller and acts like it is protecting the grey one.
Almost all male animals protect the females.
That’s their job and they do their best!
*     *    *     *     *     *
I found a bunch of eggs this week. Sometimes the chickens hide them in places I don’t find for a while. I don’t know if the eggs are good or bad until I bring them in the house. Sometimes the eggs are fresh, sometimes they are too old to use.

One way to tell if the eggs are fresh or old is to put them in a bucket of water.
If the eggs float, they are too old to use.
There are a lot of eggs at the bottom of the bucket,
and three eggs that are floating.

What do I do with the floating eggs?

I put them in the garden. They are good fertilizer and help the plants grow.

This chicken likes to lay her eggs in the feeders inside the stall.
Those eggs are always easy to find.
This is one of the chickens that Mrs. Jorgensen brought to us early in the summer.
She’s so pretty!
*     *    *     *     *     *
We are working on another project on the farm. We are helping to make a lot of blankets for some elderly people who were in the floods after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.
All of this fleece is getting turned into blankets to send to Houston.
Our part of the project is to put this embroidery on every blanket.
Our goal is 100 blankets and 100 pillowcases by the end of September.
That’s a big project!
Mrs. Hahn is helping us with this project, too!

My friend wanted to make sure that each grandma and grandpa that were living in flooded nursing homes in Houston got a blanket to keep them warm, and a message to know that someone loves them.

Are you still doing something kind for someone else every day?

Do Something Kind for Someone Else Every Day!

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