Lots of Questions!

Welcome back!
I hope you had a nice week!
Thank you for all the questions. I have a few answers for you today. I also want to remind you that questions start with a capital letter and end with a question mark. It’s close to the end of March and I think your teachers have taught you all how use capitals and question marks. From now on I’ll only answer your question if you can use both! I think your teachers are wonderful and I want to make sure I help them when I can.
We have a few parties with friends every year.
We also have a lot of visitors in the spring because we have baby animals.
This is what our back yard looks like when we’re ready for a party.
This is a picture from one of the pre-schools that visited last year.

We often have families that visit, as well as cub scout groups and Activity Day girls. This year we’ll also have a field trip from a school that is close by.

No, our sheep doesn’t have lambs.
Our sheep is a boy.
Stew is a boy, boys don’t have babies.

When we visit schools we borrow lambs from our friend who has a herd of sheep and lots of lambs.

Yes, Ellie, we have bugs.
We don’t have as many bugs as homes without chickens and ducks.
Our chickens, ducks, and turkeys eat most of the bugs in the pasture and in the yard.

That’s a good question!

I think you must be wondering where we got all the apples when we made cider for Johnny Appleseed Day.

Our neighbor has apple trees.
She was very kind and shared her apples with us so we could make cider for you.
No, we don’t have any ice cream sandwiches.
We like to make ice cream in the summer when Echo has a lot of milk!
We also make cheese and butter with all of Echo’s milk.
This is what the milk refrigerator looks like during the summer.
That’s why we make cheese, ice cream, and butter.
Payton, you’ll have to be patient.
The baby animals won’t be born until the end of next week.
Don’t worry, I’ll post lots of pictures of them when they are born!
Are you curious about the seeds we planted a few weeks ago?
These are the lettuce seeds we planted.

These are the other seeds we planted.
Some of the seeds sprouted, but some didn’t.
We’ll probably replant some of the little soil packets with new seeds to see if they sprout.
Are you curious about the chickens with no feathers?
This one has a lot of new feathers coming in.
One chicken has feathers all over so she looks like a healthy chicken.
One chicken still has bald spots, but she’s got new feathers starting.

What are you planning on doing this weekend? We’ll be getting more hay for the animals, and we’ll be cleaning up the barn yard. It gets messy during the winter. We want to make sure everything is in great shape when our baby animals start getting born. We want to make sure the barn yard is safe for the animals and for all the visitors that will come this spring.

I hope you have a great week!

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