Lots of Snow and JJ Gets Stitches

What an eventful week!

We had a snow day. I hope you had fun staying home that day. I went to work at Nuttalls, which was open despite the snow. I don’t mind driving in the snow because I grew up driving in the snow. It was fun to drive when there were hardly any other cars on the road.

I also love the snow because I can’t hear the highway that is so close to our house. The snow quiets all the noise from cars and trucks and busses. Even the ambulance and fire truck seem quieter when there is snow on the ground.

I also like staying at home, snuggle up in a blanket by the fire and read a good book. But that isn’t what happened on Monday.

Not only did we get a lot of snow, we had a lot of wind. 

Look at the snow drifts that the wind created around the barn.

Monday I was cleaning stalls and dragging manure through snow drifts.
It was hard work dragging the wheelbarrow through the snow. 

I also had to bring hay in from the barn through the drifts.

I had a great workout that day!

Some people like to go to the gym to workout. I like to go out to the barn.

The wind had been blowing so hard that night that we
also had snow inside the barn!
Sadie and Echo don’t mind the snow.
Look how big Sadie is getting!
She is too big for her coat!

She doesn’t mind.
She’s a happy calf.

Are you wondering how her horns are healing?
They are doing just fine!
The scabs are about ready to pop off any day.
She’ll be better than new because she’ll
never grow horns.
*     *     *     *     *
JJ got hurt this week.
We’re not sure what happened.
We think she may have tried to squeeze through a gate and cut her leg.

Heather cleaned it all up and put some
ointment on it to help it heal.
The yellow is the ointment, not infection.

The vet wasn’t open until the next day so Matt
took her to the vet for stitches.

She’s getting antibiotics to fight off infection. It was a big wound, and she lives on a farm. There are lots of germs here. She is also getting some medication to help with the pain. I imagine a wound that big is very painful.

She’s resting a lot.
We keep a cone on her because wounds also get itchy when they start to heal.
She’ll chew out the stitches if we take the cone off.

No barn work for JJ for about 2 weeks. She is supposed to stay inside and heal.

No herding the cows or the goats. No chasing the chickens back into the pen.

Someone asked how many chickens we have on the farm. I took a video of the chickens coming out of the coop this morning. They haven’t been too happy about all the snow lately. Much of the snow was melted in the chicken pen today so they happily came out looking for food!

How many chickens? Did you see the rooster? He was the 7th one out the door this morning.

I counted 20 chickens and 1 rooster.

Did you make it a great week last week? Guess what! Every day is a ‘do over’! We get to try again every day.

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