Mac Computer Design Flaw

I love my Mac, I do, really!

We have more Mac computers in our family than we have children!

The design flaw:

The CD slot is right above the SD card slot.

 No biggie, right?!

Until you put the SD card into the CD slot.

Thank goodness for a wonderful son-in-law who spent 10 minutes using a toothpick and a business card to get the SD card out.

He’s good at stuff like that…. he’s done it before, too.


My low-tech fix~ a piece of Scotch tape over the CD slot.
I can barely see it! I folded the end over so that it would be easy to remove.

I’m pretty sure we’re not the only two people who own Mac computers who have done this. If Mac made some sort of cover for the CD hole (especially for people who use SD cards all the time!) it would look like they designed it that way.

Instead of me putting tape over the hole, which kinda makes it look like their designers don’t use CD drives or SD cards.

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