Making Pectin at Home

I haven’t tried this, but I just got an email from my friend, Sheepy. Her hobby is food storage and emergency preparedness. She likes to do things herself and she doesn’t have a big freezer, so much of what she does is stored in storage rooms. She is a great friend and a great resource to me!

Here are some links for you to look at (and for me to remember!)

Making Your Own Apple Pectin
by Sam Thayer
From The Forager

Practically Edible
This link teaches what pectin is and fruits that are high in pectin. It also describes how to test your pectin to see it’s strength.

Making Pectin Stock
A great link directly to a PDF that teaches how to make pectin and how to store it on the shelf. You can store it in the freezer…. but if you don’t have a freezer you need another option.

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