Map of the Farm

This is very similar to the post last year about maps. There are a few changes because we move things around a little every year depending on what animals we have, and what works best that year.  We talk about maps every year!

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Did you get to travel to someone’s house for Thanksgiving? Are you going to someone’s house during Christmas vacation?

When we drive somewhere the driver often has a GPS or phone that has a map to show them where to go so they don’t get lost.

We use maps on the farm, too. Sometimes we go out of town. Then we have people do our chores. They need to know where everything is, where each of the animals live, where to find the food, and where the gates are.

This is what our farm looked like this spring.

This is a map of our farm.
We use it for visitors and for people who come help on the farm.

There are a few differences from the airplane view and the map I drew because the photo is older. Can you see what’s different between the photo and the map?

This is what it looks like when I walk out to the barn in the morning.
The big white door is usually closed.
It’s open so you can see inside the barn.
If I leave the door open all the time then Echo,
River, and Serenity would make a mess inside.

There are two milk stands.
Do you see the blue hose on the left?
It’s a special hose that has a heater in it.
We plug it in in the winter so the water in the hose doesn’t freeze.
We can use the hose to fill the water buckets around the farm even when there is
ice on the ground.

This is what the right side of the barn looks like.
This is the south side of the barn.
You can see 3 stall doors.
The door closest in the picture is the stall where Echo sleeps at night.
The middle door is where Annie, Misty, and Miss E sleep at night.
The far stall is empty, except for some small bales of hay.
Stalls are like bedrooms for animals.
They come inside when the weather is bad, and they come inside to sleep.
This is the back of the barn.
If I open the big door on the back, the bucks will come running inside.
Two big bales of hay weigh about the same as a small car! That’s heavy!
It takes about 2 weeks for the animals to eat a whole bale of hay.
On the other side of the barn we keep grain in big, blue barrels.
We buy grain in bags. Do you see the two stacks of bags to the right of the blue barrels?
We store food for the animals just like you store food at home.
Do you see the white door? That’s how we get into the chicken pen.
The chicken pen is under the roof.
The chickens need shelter from the weather just like the other animals.
And you can see our red tractor!
The little dog house is for the ducks.
They need shelter when it gets cold, too.
Sometimes they go into the chicken pen,
sometimes they like to get into the dog house.
Here is a map I drew of the inside of our barn.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our farm!

Maps are very useful! The people who come take care of our animals while we are gone like having a map to see where all the animals are supposed to be. They like knowing where the food is, and where to find everything they need.

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