Marshmallow Guns

A few years ago I sent marshmallow guns to my nephews for Christmas. A close family friend asked for the instructions and I thought they would be fun to post here as well.

Here is the note I sent along with the marshmallow guns!
Your new Marshmallow gun comes partly assembled! Just fit the pieces together as shown. Place a marshmallow in the mouthpiece and blow REALLY HARD! Shoot your brother, the cat, your Dad (but not your Mom unless she says so.) Definately not Grandma or Aunt E, but Uncle D would probably laugh alot if you shot him! Just make sure he gets a turn to shoot back at you (maybe you could let him use your Mom’s marshmallow gun)

You probably better practice shooting outside so your mom doesn’t find marshmallows all over the house. Also, the animals love the leftovers (especially the racoons) or if the marshmallows sit on the grass, they disolve in the rain and snow. That is much better than having marshmallows in the house for the mice and ants to find.

This is really fun for Cub Scouts, too!

My sister never lets a package stay un-opened so they opened the Christmas gift the minute it came in the door. The kids were thrilled! When Dad came home they were all hiding behind chairs and the shot him as he came in the door. Oh, how I would have loved to see that! He thought it was great fun (he’s a big kid himself). When the kids asked Dad to guess who sent them the guns for Christmas, he said, “Aunt TJ!” Of course it would be me that would send such an off-the-wall gift!

The finished project (minus the mouth piece).
Here are the instructions I drew up for the marshmallow guns:
Sorry the instructions are sideways. If you click on the instructions they will come up full sized, then you can print them out.
Do you have any other great ideas for off-the-wall gifts that are fun? I’d love to hear your ideas! Christmas is coming, soon!

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