Afternoons have been warm and it’s been so nice! It’s a little muddy in the barnyard, but that is nice because the snow and ice have been melting.
Echo and Sadie love lounging around in the sunshine.

I thought you would like to see the milker in action so I took some videos this morning of what I do in the barn every morning.

Echo usually bangs on the door until I let her into the barn in the morning. She’s ready for her breakfast, and she’s ready to get milked.

I clean her off really well.
No one likes dirt in their milk!

I don’t milk Echo by hand because it would take a long time, and it’s easier to keep the milk clean if I use a milker.

The milker is attached to a vacuum pump. You probably have a vacuum at home that you use to clean dirt off the floor. This one is a little different because most vacuums can’t get wet on the inside.

I really like our clear tank! I can see how much milk is inside.

When I’m all done milking, I let Echo out of the barn.

I also let Sadie out of her stall so she can spend the day with her mom. Echo loves to clean Sadie as soon as she gets outside. Sadie likes it, too.

I don’t mind winter, even when it’s cold and snowy. I don’t mind the warm weather in the springtime either. I get to listen to the birds chirping while I’m working. I love that!

The chickens lay more eggs now that we have more daylight, too. The dogs are shedding their winter coats. And the goats are getting ready to have their babies!

It’s so warm that we’ll be shearing SideKick the sheep tonight. He’ll be happy to have someone take off his winter coat before it gets hot outside!

Lots of changes happen in the spring! I’m pretty sure I can handle them all. How about you? Do you think you can do new things, too?

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