Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre

My new favorite book!


Go here for a description of the book: Markham Farm

I haven’t read the whole book yet. But I can’t believe how many good ideas and great helps are in the first 1/3!

Everything from why raised beds are better, a better way to grow a garden than Square Foot Gardening, and how to compost.

There is a big difference between gardening and Mini Farming, a big difference. Big enough that you can feed your family and earn extra income.

One of the other things that drew me in is that he is mini farming in New Hampshire (state moto: Live Free or Die!) and he likes to do things economically (that’s the nice word for cheapskate!)

If you are looking for a new book on raising vegies and fruits and a few small animals, this is a great book!

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