MissE and More Hay

MissE, our calf, will be going to her new home sometime in the next few weeks. Our neighbor has been visiting MissE since the day she was born! MG has been here almost every Saturday helping with chores and visiting with the animals.

Our neighbor is the sweetest girl! We love her, and so does MissE.

MissE is going to a great little farm. They will love her and take very good care of her. They are so excited to get a heifer (girl calf) from Echo!

I cleaned stalls this week, and we got more hay.
I had to move animals to different pastures.
Carson the horse, loves cows!
It looks like Chuck loves Carson, too.
*     *     *     *     *

We ran out of hay this year.

We had 50 more bales of hay reserved, but the person who we buy hay from had 100 bales stolen right out of his barn! That was awful! That was hard for our hay grower to loose that much hay, and it was hard for us because the hay we thought we could bring in was gone.

Thankfully we have other places to buy hay. I thought you would like to see how a hay elevator works.

Using a hay elevator to move the hay is a lot faster than someone throwing bales down from the top of the truck like we did last fall.

The truck is carrying 250 bales of hay.

It took 3 men about an hour to unload and stack the hay in the hay barn…..

and put about 30 bales of hay in the big barn for Echo and the goats.

That’s a lot of hay! Three strong men made fast work of getting it where it needed to go.

*     *     *     *     *

After the hay is unloaded the men sweep all the extra hay off the truck. They don’t want it flying off the truck while they are driving down the road. The chickens love to pick through the hay to find seeds.

*     *     *     *     *

The chicks are growing! These chicks are about 1 month old. They have more feathers than they did last week. They are still cheeping like baby chicks.

These chicks are about 2 weeks old. They are so cute with their fluffy backs and pretty white feathers growing.

*     *     *     *     *
I cleaned stalls this week, too.
Bryon cleaned the muck in front of the gate.
This is a lot of work.
The chickens will scratch it all down looking for seeds.
People will come take it away to put into their gardens.
Cow manure, goat manure, and stall shavings help the soil so that gardens grow really well.

This stall is clean and ready for…..

Ready for baby goats!!!!

River will have her baby goats right around April 1st, no fooling!

Have a great week, and remember….

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