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Hubby and Son1 cut down a dead tree on Saturday so that Son1 could have the trunk for his anvil stand.

Son1 has blisters on his hands because he’s been having fun in the Blacksmith Shack (aka gazebo in the backyard.) He’s not used to swinging a heavy hammer anymore and his hands show it!

Hubby got a new tool box (that’s ginormous!) so he gave the red one to Son1 for his tools. The anvil stand (stump) is on the left.
 This week Son1 is going with Prion to help our friends fix their cement patio. Prion has been living with a wonderful family this summer instead of living in the dorms. It’s been a blessing for her to get to know these people that Hubby and I love and admire.  They have been such a help to Prion that she wants to make sure that she repays them for all they have done for her. 
So she and Son1 will head up this week, move some large cement patio slabs, level the ground underneath, and replace the cement slabs.
Lots of work! Son1 said he’s looking forward to it because he misses the hard work of construction he did before his mission to Mexico.
I should have him doing more work around here, but I don’t want to give him work for the sake of working…. I’d rather have him do work that is worthwhile. 
Real men are like that… they want work that makes a difference.

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