More Udder Photos

I am so happy with how well Annie’s udder is healing, and how Curly’s hair is growing back!

I knew they were copper deficient, but I had no idea how deficient they were.

I’ll be giving all of the goats a bolus once a month for the rest of the summer, and probably through October.

Photos of Annie’s udder over the last three weeks.

24 May 2015, the day I gave the copper bolus.

6 June 2015

16 June 2015

Here’s a link to the first post on copper from this year.

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  1. I started copper bolusing several years ago. It makes a huge difference in their health. Also Selenium Deficiency can be a huge cause of health problems and something to look at as well. Saanendoah has a quick reference chart for Nutritional problems. I refer people to that to see some of the things that are caused by mineral & vitamin defiencies. You can google Saanendoah Nutirtional chart and it should come up. 🙂

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