Mountain Sunday * 21 June 2015

It’s clear and sunny today. Another hot day.
Temperature is almost 87 F. 
The air is still.
Barometric pressure is 30.05 and steady.
We are currently on water conservation measures in our area. The city says that lawns only need 14minutes of water three times a week for it to stay green. 
You can see that they aren’t really telling the truth. I’m not sure if the lawn will live through the summer.
While we are currently following their guidelines for the residential areas of our property, we are more liberal in our use of water on the pasture so that we can continue to feed the animals. We still water early morning and late night to prevent as much evaporation as possible, but the fact is that the pasture grass needs more water than what the city officials recommend.
South of the barn
21 June 2015

East over the barn
21 June 2015

North of the barn
21 June 2015

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