My Friend’s Calf

It’s so much fun to have friends that also have farms! We get to share the happy days and the sad times with each other. We get to help each other out when we’re having trouble on the farm, too.

My friend just got a new calf.

It’s different than my cows. Her calf is a Holstein.

She’s black and white, like most milk cows. My cows are brown and tan, not black and white.

Her son brought her home from the dairy because the dairy didn’t want her. She probably needed more care than they wanted to give her.

She was a little bit sick when she got to her new farm. Her poo is runny and doesn’t look like it should.

She also has some blood showing in the whites of her eyes.

My friend thinks that it must have been a difficult birth for the cow. This calf needs a little extra care and special milk right now to help her get healthy and grow to be an adult cow. 

Dairies don’t have time to take care of sick calves so they usually sell them.

She’s really sweet, so my friend is happy to take on the project!

*     *     *     *     *     *

My friend found a big animal track at her farm this week! We’re trying to figure out what animal is prowling around her barn. She wants to keep her animals safe, so it’s always a good idea to be able to know an animal by the footprints that it leaves.

We think it might be a wolf or a big dog because we can see claw marks. Big cats, like mountain lions, don’t usually leave claw marks. She’s asking some other people that know more about animal tracks than we do. 

I’ll let you know when she figures it out.

*     *     *     *     *     *

I think Gracie is trying to hatch some eggs. I see her sitting on this nest pretty often.

She’s been on the nest at night, too. She’s usually in the chicken pen with the other turkeys, but not the last few nights!

I hope she’s sitting on turkey eggs! It would be so much fun to have baby turkeys again!

Sometimes turkeys are good at staying on their eggs and hatching them out. Sometimes they are terrible sitters. 

I’ll let you know if Gracie stays on her eggs, or gets bored and wanders off.

Just do the next right thing, Gracie. Stay on your eggs.

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