Nacho Visits Again!

Our piggy friend, Nacho, is here for a week again.

She’s pretty easy to take care of.

She’s very strong, though. She was bored one afternoon and lifted the stall gate off the hinges.

We were very glad she couldn’t get out. Tim and Matt came out and fixed the gate that evening. I kept Nacho busy with treats because pigs LOVE food!


The sheep are doing well. We are hoping that lambs will be born at the end of May and the beginning of June.

I don’t usually see the sheep resting. Little One must be a little tired because of the all the rain we’ve had. She might be tired because she’s getting close to having a lamb or two! That would be exciting!

Blondie is looking a little chubby. I’m hoping she’s going to have one or two lambs, too! You can see Angel and Woofle Puff in the background. They were just chilling in the pasture this morning.


Our farm is big enough for us. We have a very nice neighborhood so we don’t want to move. Some day Bryon would like to have a lot more land to raise more animals, and hay, and garden.

This map shows how our farm is set up. We have plenty of room for the animals, and for a garden.

We even have room for a nice greenhouse! It doesn’t look like a greenhouse yet. The foundation is ready. The cement for the foundation comes on Tuesday. Then we can start building the walls.

Yes, we are getting a new baby goat in a few weeks. She is still at the farm where she was born. We’ll pick her up when she’s ready to come to her new farm.

We’ll also have lambs born. We’ll probably sell all the baby lambs, though. We aren’t supposed to have too many animals here.

No, I don’t see foxes. Our neighbor saw a fox a few years ago. The fox stole a lot of her chickens. She didn’t know why her chickens were disappearing one by one. She was out early one morning and she saw a sneaky little fox taking her chicken across the field to an old abandoned barn.

She locked up her chickens after that! The old barn came down the next year. We haven’t had any trouble with foxes since then.

The Flowers are Blooming

Every fall I plant more tulips and daffodils in the yard. I love the color in the spring.

The irises are starting to bloom, too.

I have a lilac bush from Bryon’s mother’s house near our garden. Bees love the lilacs, too. I’m a little sad because I haven’t seen many bees this year. We need bees to help gardens grow, and fruit trees grow fruit.

I also have this cute little cow statue in my front flower bed. My neighbor brought it to me for Mother’s Day. It reminded her of our not-so-little Stormy calf that was born last August.

School is Out for Summer

I’ll be posting through the summer. You can still send your questions by putting them in the comment section. I’ll read them and answer them.

Next week I’ll be posting a little more about the greenhouse and the garden.

I hope you have a wonderful last few weeks of school!

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