Navajo Churro Sheep, My Favorite!

Angel is a beautiful Navajo Churro sheep. I think she has a kind face and very nice horns. She is a good mama sheep. She had two lambs last spring. I wonder how many she will have this spring?

One of you asked this question, “What is your favorite sheep?”
I think you mean which of my sheep is my favorite. I don’t really have a favorite sheep. I love all of my sheep.

Most of my sheep are Navajo Churro sheep. No, they aren’t like churro’s you love to eat that are covered in cinnamon sugar. I love those, too! Those delicious treats are named after the breed of sheep we have.

These are special sheep. Navajo Churro sheep aren’t very common. They aren’t endangered anymore, but they are hard to find unless you know people who have them.

Sheep have different breeds, just like dogs and horses have different breeds. We have Border Collies on our farm. What kind of dog do you have?

Navajo Churro are the oldest breed of sheep in America. Read the article in the link! It has a photo of our friend who shears our sheep and the sheep at Cunnington Farm. I’m very lucky that I have a good friend that breeds this type of sheep. She works with Sam Cunningham. I’ve talked with Mrs. Cunningham, and she is a very nice woman.

You can read more about her farm here. You probably don’t realize just how nice Mrs. Cunningham is. She’s the one who sends up books for you to take for your very own when you visit on Cider Day and Farm Day.


Navajo Churro sheep have beautiful horns. Some of them are born with four horns.

My sheep usually have just two horns. Some of them look like Bramble’s horns. He’s the sheep in the photo above. He’s all white. Bramble is almost 1 year old. Some of them look like Angel’s horns (the black sheep in the first photo.)

Bramble’s father is a beautiful ram (boy sheep).

Woofle Puff is a beautiful ram! He’s got spots! The people who raise Navajo Churro sheep love sheep with spots. They think it brings good luck.

Woofle Puff doesn’t live here anymore. My friend let me have him here for one winter so he could be a daddy sheep here on our farm. He lives with my friend right now. One day soon he will head down to Cunningham Farm. He’s so beautiful that other people want him to be a daddy sheep on their farm, too.

Do you think Bramble’s horns will be as beautiful as Woofle Puff’s horns? I do! I think they might be even nicer!

Little One (Pobrecita)

This is Little One. Pobrecita is the Spanish word for ‘poor little one.’ She’s not very little anymore. She came to us 2 years ago as a bummer lamb (sick or orphaned lamb). You can read about her here. I didn’t post in 2021 when she first came to us, so I don’t have stories about when she was a tiny, very sick little lamb. She almost died five times! Matt and I took a lot of time caring for her, and she lived!

She is one of my friendly lambs. I’m sure it’s because we had to be close to her all the time when she was sick. She thinks most humans are very nice, and she doesn’t mind them. Sometimes she is timid around new people, but it doesn’t take her long to start letting them get near her.


Bert is the friendliest sheep we have. He’s also the smallest. He’s so friendly that if you don’t pay attention to him, he will come up and push his head into your leg. If you don’t turn around and pet him, he will paw your leg with his little hoof.

He is only part Navajo Churro. He is the same age as Bramble, but much smaller. He has smaller horns, too.

Bert is a mix of different breeds. If he was a dog, we would say that he is a ‘mutt.’ So what kinds of sheep did Bert have as parents and grandparents? Icelandic sheep, East Friesian sheep, and Navajo Churro.

Bert’s fleece looks a lot like an Icelandic sheep. It is kind of wavy. He acts like an East Friesian sheep. He is very nice and loves people, just like many Friesian sheep.

Friesian sheep need to be friendly. You already know that you can milk goats and cows. Did you know that some farms raise milk sheep? Sheep milk is very creamy and sweet. It makes wonderful cheese.

But we love Bert because he’s so friendly.

I love Navajo Churro sheep. I love their fleece, and their attitude. I like that I am helping to keep an old breed of sheep from going extinct. I like that they are smaller than many breeds of sheep, and that they are so easy to care for. They hardly ever get sick!

Did you learn something new about my favorite sheep? Who are you looking forward to meeting when you come for Farm Day in the spring?

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