New Babies!

This chick is starting to break it’s way of of the egg! It’s so exciting!
Quin and Xander love to visit new chicks. They also like to give baby animals names. 

Dear Addison,
Chippy was sitting on 5 eggs. Three chicks hatched out of their eggs. Sadly, only 2 chicks lived.
Smily lived for almost a week.
Sometimes baby chicks die and we don’t know why.
Chippy and her two chicks are still in the red tub, but I wanted you to see them so I let them run around in the barn for a few minutes.
The white chick is Peepers, and the black chick is Spot because she has a spot on her head.
We have more babies!
As I was walking out to the barn this morning I saw 2 little ducklings and their mama duck. Watch carefully and you can see that the little black one doesn’t walk very well.
I put mama and both ducklings in a stall with food, water, and a heater. I hope the little black one gets strong enough to live! 
*    *     *     *     *

Do you see all the feathers in the pictures? There are so many feathers around the farm right now. It’s fall and the ducks and chickens are dropping their summer feathers and growing winter feathers. When the chickens and ducks are molting (loosing their summer feathers) they don’t lay many eggs. All their energy goes to growing new feathers so they can’t lay many eggs.
This chicken looks sick because she is missing so many feathers.
She’s not sick, and she wasn’t in a fight with another chicken.
She’s busy loosing her summer feathers and growing her new winter feathers.
*    *     *     *     *
Dear Hinalei,
We have one cow, her name is Echo. She has a calf named Miss E. We also have a steer named Chuck. How many cows do we have?

Mrs. Hahn is helping Miss E learn to trust everyone!

*    *     *     *     *
Dear Roman,
I get this question a lot! A horse costs a lot of money to feed. They are a lot of fun, and they are a lot of work.
We get milk from the cow and goats, but we only get poo from a horse. We can feed all of our animals (3 cows, 1 sheep, and 4 goats) for the same amount of money that it costs to keep 2 horses. 
Horses are a lot of fun! We’re very happy with the animals we have and don’t have any plans to get a horse.
*    *     *     *     *
Have you been able to do something nice for someone else every day last week? Did you do nice things for people in school or at home?

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