New Beehives

Hubby has earned more this year than last year. Things are going much better for us this year! It’s exciting for him and for our family.

One of the things he loves is beekeeping (he also loves building and refinishing violins). He decided that he wants a few more beehives this year.

At this point, the boxes are taking over the great room. But he’s happy and so am I. One of the new hives is a Styrofoam hive. I’ll let you know how that all works out.

For now… this is what it looks like around the great room. Lots of boxes and not room for much else right now!

The boxes on the left are full of frames, legs, and other beehive stuff. The one on the right has round combs in it.
More frames (round ones) and combs from last year that will be cleaned out and re-used.
The combs come out looking like this.
New supers. He just finished putting these together. They aren’t painted yet. But it isn’t warm enough to paint outside yet.
The new Styrofoam hive. No room in the house for this! It is out in the gazebo.
The new bases that will go under all the hives. Hubby thinks these will be much better than the cement blocks and wood pallets that he has been using.

He has his order in for bees and queens, too. He’ll be putting Carniolins in some hives and Italians in others. It will be exciting to see how the bees do this year. He’s got different spots for the bees, too. Some in our yard, some in a neighbors, and some about 40 minutes south of us.

Always the scientist (soooo great!) he will be keeping track of which bees do best where. I doubt that he will eventually go with only one type of bee or one type of hive. He has too much fun checking variables and seeing if he can improve whatever isn’t up to what he thinks it should be.

That goes for everything, not just bees. Always adjusting, always tweaking, always trying to improve. And that is a great way to live life!

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