New Cheese Draining Bag

I’ve read about these bags for a while and decided it was time to give one a try.

Chevre draining in the new cheese bag.

All I can say is, WOW!!! I wish I had gotten one earlier!

But I’m still a penny-pinching Yankee and will often wait until I’ve really decided I want to spend the money to try something out.

The bag is made of nylon (I think) and has a draw-string at the top. I put the curds in the bag with the seam towards the outside and let the it drain over night.

When I removed the curd from the bag it just fell out. No sticking anywhere. It was wonderful!

I got both sizes that The Cheesemaker had to offer. The medium bag looks like it will hold a gallon of curd and cost $7.97. The large bag looks like it will hold 3 or 4 gallons of curd and was$11.97. The Cheesemaker didn’t charge any shipping (Yay!). They shipped really fast, too. I ordered on Wednesday and the bags arrived on Saturday. I think I will probably only ever use the large bag. But since I really didn’t have an idea of what the sizes were

New England Cheesemaking Supply is my favorite company to order from, but I might be giving The Cheesemaker a try for some of their other supplies from time to time.

I taught a class in Queso Fresco last week. I showed the ladies the bags I was looking at and one of them said it looked just like a paint straining bag. I couldn’t find a paint straining bag close by, but now that I know exactly what these are made of, I’ll be checking at the home improvement stores by me to see if it is the same fabric as the curd draining bag.

I’ll also be checking the fabric stores to see if I can find fabric like this. I think I would like to make a bag that would fit right inside my cheese mold. Easy in, easy out, and no sticking!

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