New Chicken Door

A few weeks ago another stall door fell off. This time it ripped the casing right out of the barn.

Although we love our barn, the builders didn’t do a very good job with the doors. The heavy dutch doors were hung on the wrong size hinges as well as not being attached to a sturdy enough door frame.

The first 3 doors didn’t last more than 2 years. The ones on the north side of the barn haven’t been used as much (especially by horses and other large animals) so they managed to last about 16 years.

Hubby couldn’t find the door he wanted to replace the old one with, so we all decided that a steel insulated door would work just as well, or better, than what was there before.

You can see Hubby had to make the doorway smaller to put in the metal door. That’s okay–this door leads right out into the poultry pen so there is no reason to have a big horse door here. 

All we needed was a working door that will keep out the north wind during the winter, and this one does a wonderful job!

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