New Chicks Hatched

We didn’t have any broody hens last year, but we had one this year. It’s so nice to have the hen take care of the chicks instead of us having to do the job! The chicks hatched on Sunday before church.

She ended up with 5 living chicks. She managed to smash 3 and one just didn’t hatch out right.

The hen is a Arucauna x Rhode Island Red (not an Americauna). Our friend raised pure bred Arucaunas for a while and crossed them with Rhodies. This hen is actually fairly mild tempered and good to have around.

We’ve got two ducks sitting on clutches, too. Last year they didn’t hatch anything out. We’ll see if they manage the job this year. Hopefully!

I could get all preachy about hens and chicks and gathering under wings. Having live hens with chicks and watching them grow up together is a living parable and brings to life the words I read in the Bible. I love to see the Gospel in everything, but I imagine that you have your own parables and things that lift and strengthen you, which is as it should be.

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