New Curtains for Blondie

Daughter Blondie and her husband moved into a new place last month. They were so glad to be on their own again!

He is a disabled Veteran who will be going to school. Blondie is a elementary school teacher with no job right now, except substitute teaching.

That makes things a bit tight.

They don’t want to eat through all their savings so they are doing the best they can with what they have and are trying to cut back on extras.

Their new place has no curtains on the sliding glass door and sidelights in the kitchen. So they can see right into their neighbor’s kitchen window, and the neighbor can see into their window.

I gave Blondie two old curtains I had for the sliding glass door, and I looked around for some sheets to make curtains for the sidelights. I found an old sheet on freecycle that was in good shape. I love using sheets for big projects like this. There is soooo much yardage and fewer seams to sew!

One full-sized sheet made two sidelight curtains.

I haven’t made curtains in a long time, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I remembered. Things like always sew the side hems first, then sew the heading, and then measure from the top of the heading where the hem should end and THEN fold up the hem.

Blondie hasn’t hung curtains in a long time either, so I made sure to label where the rod goes. Sometimes these simple curtains can be confusing and I’ve seen them hung from the hem instead of the heading!

Think that is clear enough? Hopefully Blondie will think so!

 Update 4/15/11

Blondie sent me a photo of the curtain hanging in her window. She has it tucked up to the top of the window. If it was just a little lower, then it would reach right down to the bottom.
Not too bad for an old sheet!

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